Reef Women's Flip Flops

Reef Womens Flip Flops

Reef has been fulfilling their goal of providing high quality swimwear and sandals for men, women, and children since the late 80s. The brand embodies the lifestyle of Southern California in ways that no other clothing or footwear brand could accomplish, and has successfully marketed their product to become the number one distributor of sandals on the West Coast, and many other parts of the world. Part of this successful marketing campaign can be attributed to Miss Reef, the truest representation of the brand's feminine side. Reefs women's flip-flops are designed to be cozy, comfy, warm, and stylish. The following information discusses some of the most popular models and products of the reef women's line, as well as other interesting facts about the brand.

Types of Reefs Women's Flip-Flops

Reefs women's flip-flops, also known as sandals, come in five main types – essentials, fashion, leather, slippers, and sporty flip-flops. Each of these styles are designed to accommodate the preferences and comfort needs of each individual. The essentials line of reefs women's flip-flops consist primarily of basic designs that are capable of matching any outfit. The fashion line of reefs women's flip-flops offers more glamorous designs that incorporate sleek toe straps, leather, and shinier materials. The leather line of reefs women's flip-flops provide the utmost comfort, and are perfect for casual wear. Reefs women's slippers have inner soles that are lined with a furry material, and are perfect for around-the-house wearing or pajama parties. The sporty line of reefs women's flip flops is geared towards active girls that enjoy surfing or volleyball, and are designed to be durable and comfortable even after heavy wear.

Where to Buy Reefs Women's Flip Flops

Reefs women's flip flops are distributed primarily through 10 certified dealers, which sell reef products online and in their local venues at competitive prices. Reef women's flip-flops can also be found on third-party sites and auction sites such as and Most retailers and distributors sell the sandals at similar prices, however the cost of shipping and handling is likely to vary, so it is best to factor this in when calculating the overall price. Many women prefer to buy their flip flops locally, as this gives them the opportunity to choose a pair that fits them perfectly. Nonetheless, a wider selection can be found online, and women that are sure about their sandal size may want to consider browsing the reefs women's flip flops catalog online instead.

Who Are the Reef Girls?

Every year, reef selects a handful of girls that they feel accurately depicts the intended target audience of their brand. These girls are known as the reef girls, and one of them is chosen as Miss Reef once a year. The reef girls model reefs women's flip flops and swimwear to give prospective customers an idea of how the flip flops may look or feel on their feet at the beach on a hot summer day. Reef displays high-definition photographs of the girls wearing reefs women's flip flops on their website to help you imagine the comfy, cozy, and warm feeling of these incredible sandals.

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