Sanuk Flip Flops

Sanuk Flip Flops

Flip flops have been fashionable during the summer months since the sixties and have remained popular ever since. The basic use was primarily indoors and on places like beaches, pick nick locations and other places for recreational activities were enjoyed.  Since 1997 Sanuk flip flops have played a vital part in supplying the shoe wear and with it contributing to its continued popularity.

Back to basics

Sanuk flip flops are what could be perceived as the traditional  flip flops and are manufactured from inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpet. Their collection of flip flops varied from basic flip flops models to the ever popular beach sandal model. The only change to the collection since they started in 1997 is the addition of flip flops with leather as the main material for manufacturing this particular type of flip flops.

Flip flops a trendy fashion statement for all

One of the main attractions of Sanuk flip flops is the fact that the shoe type is a comfortable yet inexpensive part of anyone’s wardrobe, which makes flip flops in general one of the most wide spread type of foot wear worldwide. Typically the prices for Sanuk flip flops range between $ 15 and $50, which means there is a pair of flip flops that is suitable  for anyone’s budget.
Sanuk flip flops come in all sorts and sizes. There are pairs of sandals for any occasion ranging from traditional beach sandals to fashionable street wear. There are Sanuk flip flops specifically designed for indoor usage as well as sandals for every day outdoor activities. There are flip flops specifically for men, women and also for kids.
Sanuk flip flops are among the most wide spread foot wear throughout the US with more than 2400 points of sale nationwide, in shoe stores, sports stores and basically all places where shoes are sold. This in turn makes the Sanuk collection easy to obtain for everybody who enjoys wearing quality sandals for an affordable price.

Flip flops of the stars

Sanuk flip flops are endorsed by many of the stars. Especially their so called “Sidewalk Surfers” are the preferred foot wear of many famous persons including Brat Pitt, among many others. Even with endorsements such as mentioned here, Sanuk always managed to keep both feet on the ground and continues to provide attractive and trendy foot wear at an affordable price, which ensures  its popularity among the general population as well.

Overall, Sanuk flip flops are among the best one can purchase, yet they remain to be accessible for everyone, by remaining affordable. This makes Sanuk the brand of choice for any budget large and small, while the high quality of their foot wear is present in all of their products, no matter if it concerns $10 budget flip flops or $50 leather sandals. This in turn makes Sanuk flip flops the foot wear of choice for the masses as well as the stars. Add to this the fact that Sanuk flip flops can be purchased almost everywhere in the country, and it is obvious that Sanuk will remain a brand to be reckoned with for a long time to come. 

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