Reef Ginger Flip Flops

Reef Ginger Flip Flops

Reef is one of the leading producers and distributors of surf apparel and footwear int he world, with a quarter century of experience in the industry. The company was started by 2 brothers in Argentina with nothing but $4000, and a love for surfing and the lifestyle that comes with it. The goal was to create a comfortable, yet affordable sandal that embodies the passion and spirit of surfing. During the first ten years of the company's existence the brothers successfully established Reef as the number one sandal brand in the country, especially in California where the company was stationed. Using a few creative marketing ideas and a consistent drive to bring the best footwear to the surfing community, Reef has gained thousands of loyal customers and fans. One of their most popular type of sandals are the Reef ginger flip flops, which are discussed in detail below.

What are Reef Ginger Flip Flops?

Reef ginger flip flops are an affordable, yet stylish brand of thong-style flip flops for women. The sandal consists of a sot polyester webbing that adheres to the sole of the foot and makes the sandal 'ridiculously comfortable', as the Reef slogan would phrase it. The triple density EVA foam mid sole gives the wearer complete arch support and provides for shock absorption, making it perfect for running on the sand. The out sole of the shoe consist of textured rubber, which provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions.

The Design of Reef Ginger Flip Flops

The strap of the sandal is what gives it its unique look, with the famous Reef logo embedded on right strap. At first glance the sandal appears to be an average flip flop, however, upon close inspection it is easy to see why this flip flop is one of the most popular on the market. The shape of the sole matches the contour of a foot perfectly, covering all of the surface area nicely. The material that the middle strap is made of is also more comfortable than the average thong type sandal, and is therefore does not cause annoying irritation between the toes. Unlike many strap sandals, Reef ginger flip flops have a fabric over-strap rather than one made of rubber or plastic, making it much more comfortable on the top of the foot.

Where to Buy Reef Ginger Flip Flops

Reef ginger flip flops can be found online on many web sites, including Reef's official site, as well as third-party sites such as Amazon. Most local surf shops should also have a selection of reef sandals as well, however you may to find the ginger type flip flops in your area. Reef ginger flip flops typically cost about $10-$20, making them perfect for people that lead active lifestyles, as they are relatively easy to replace. If you're unsure what size would be best for you, then you may want to consider shopping for Reef ginger flip flops locally, as this will allow you to try them before you buy them.

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